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February 10, 2013 in MLSP, News, Xooma

HI! Welcome to Tillman’s Team. We are really glad you are here.

To those of you already on our team, I hope you like our site. We will be continuing to upgrade and add features and training as we go.

To those of you that are just visiting for a bit, we invite you to join us. Site membership is free so  register now.


There are a lot of broken promises made online today, and to be honest, I have fallen for many of them over the years and I am determined to help people to avoid the mistakes that I have made.

I have spent almost $20,000 dollars or more in training, tools, webinars, and live seminars learning how to do internet marketing. and the first thing I have learned is that, no matter how much training and education you get on internet marketing, It will not take you anywhere until you “Take Action!

By joining this site you will have taken that first step to take action by coming together with like minded individuals who you can bond and establish a relationship with. This is the basis for “attraction marketing”. Congratulations to those who have already joined us.

There are millions of network marketers looking for what you are looking for: success in network marketing. Many do not make it because they do not have the support, mentoring and structured training that is needed. This is what we are going to provide for you.

Xooma Worldwide


Our primary company is Xooma Worldwide, a health and wellness company of over 19 years and this team site is aimed at building successful businesses for ALL of us. Although this site is new, our involvment with Xooma is not. Our success with Xooma means we can confidently say that if you work at it, it will work for you, and we are here to help you succeed. Please read our Xooma Page for more information.


mlsp 450px

First of all though, we all need to learn. That is first and foremost, and our mission is to help you learn. To learn the right way and not have to struggle for years as we have had to. We want to shorten the learning curve for you. So, in addition to the support this site provides, we use a company called MLSP  (My Lead System Pro) so that you can learn how to do internet marketing correctly and to bring in leads for Xooma Worldwide, our primary company.

The first question that I am usually asked is, “Why MLSP, why don’t you build your own training platform. Well believe me, I have and after bringing it to near completion, I decided that there was no way that I could possibly help people, with my training alone, as much as MLSP could help our team learn and earn on a much faster basis. Additionally a very valuable benefit of MLSP is that it will help you establish leads for your primary business Xooma Worldwide.

So our team has joined MLSP and we will use their trainings and then study them together as a team to speed up our learning curve. You see we have a very talented team here: people just like you, with a massive amount of experience in different skill sets, that want to achieve the same goals as you do.

Please read our MLSP Page for more information on this well respected and popular program.

If you have not already done so please join our site now. Take part in our community, find out more about us. When you are ready to join our businesses  talk to the person who sent you here and get signed up in our primary company, Xooma, and then join us in MLSP. (A 3 day trail in MLSP only costs $2)

Learn and Earn with Tillman’s Team.

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