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March 15, 2013 in News, Team Building

Tillman’s teamwork site is a free learning, earning, networking and lead generation portal, run by experienced marketers and based on teamwork.

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We want to share our knowledge, as well as introduce you to business opportunities, Xooma and MLSP which offer long term residual income… Membership is free. You can choose whether or not to join the businesses we recommend.

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Team Rotators

Experience shows us that normal team builds do not work. Those at the top get the most income and those lower down get left behind. People who expect to be handed referrals in the usual team build do not work for themselves or their team. Members who join our businesses commit to ensuring that they help their downlines succeed. In turn we sprovide you with tools and training to do this.

If you have little or no real success with your affiliate marketing efforts, despite putting in time and effort, then the teamwork offered by membership of this site will made a real difference for you.

If you have no experience, but are keen to learn, our resources and mentoring will get you off to an excellent start, which you can build on to earn an an increasing online income.

If you are experienced then using this site as a funnel for bringing in leads and for making new contacts will save you time and effort.

For us, real teamwork means that everyone works together, offers mutual support and shares their particular talents. “Everyone” inlcludes those who brought this site about. We are working for you too.

Together we create a powerful online presence and formidable marketing force.


  • We advertise to bring in new members and also provide you with the tools to do this yourself including ready made landing and splash pages and email copy.
  • You can advertise yourself to fellow members and build up your reputatiion by participating in our social network and showing others what you can offer them.


Communication is vital for teamwork and our site offers various ways of facilitating this.

  • A Social Wall
  • Forums
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Advanced profile building where you can tell people about yourself and how to find you on social networks and blogs.
  • No spamming or referral links means you see only relavent information
  • You can connect with new people and forge closer relationships with those you already know.


  • The private area of our blog and social site is used to bring you training information and materials which are only viewable to members.
  • Our forums are a place to ask questions (about marketing, advertising social networking and blogging …) AND expect a reply. We can fill in any gaps in your knowledge on a more individual level.


For those who join our business opportunities extra, more specific training and resources are provided to build your business. That is provided from yet another private area of the site and I will talk more about that later.

If you are not already a member of this site, please do come inside by registering for free and take a look. Meet like minded people who share common goals..

Make new contacts in our spam free social network.

Learn and ask questions in our site forums.

Read our member only blog content and receive freebies.

I look forward to meeting you on the inside.

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6 responses to Learn and Earn with Teamwork

  1. Wow, that is another great blog there Sue. Definitely gotto share this one for us all.

  2. Great blog Sue, you are the “Definition” of “Team Player” Thanks for all you do here.

  3. Thanks guys, I really enjoy working with a team and I really do like helping others succeed. Apart from anything else it makes me feel good about myself :-)

  4. Excellent blog Sue. Creates alot of value and good info for visitors to our site. We appreciate all your hard work for the benefit of the team.

    • Thank you Terry. We all have a commitment to the team which makes it much easier for me to put the work in.

  5. Great Blog Sue. This is full of valuable content and tips for our new members, it’s unbelievable.

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